French dried fruits straight from the farm

Almonds - Hazelnuts - Walnuts - Pecan nuts - Prunes - pumpkin seeds

We support French farmers to sell their production of dried fruits
directly to passionate craftsmen 
all over Europe.

Our network of farmers

Launched in June 2021, "Vergers du Sud-Ouest" is a commercial network that brings French dried fruit producers together. Located in the South-West of France, the network already counts its first 6 members.

Passionate about their work, they produce numerous varieties of high quality dried fruits: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pecan nuts and prunes. Selected on the basis of their exceptional taste qualities, our nuts are broken in just-in-time. In this way we guarantee unrivalled freshness.

Aware of the environmental stakes, our orchards are led in a reasoned way, respecting the natural balance of the fauna and flora. Some of our orchards are already certified Organic, wich is a great reward for the hard work of the farmer.

What our customers say

" Your hazelnuts are delicious!
It was the Pauetet that was unanimously approved by our team. Your Franquette walnut is also exceptional and the pecans, a real curiosity."

"Thank's again for the samples that you provided us. I realy loved the pecans and the organic hazelnuts. 
As a french chocolatier I aim to buy all my ingredients next door."

"I think your project is simply brilliant!
In addition to being charming, your producers have very beautiful products. I finally found the real taste of hazelnuts."

"I didn't know Almonds were grown in the South West of France,
To be honest with you, my customers find them small, but once in the mouth they find them excellent."