French dried fruits straight from the farm

Almonds - Hazelnuts - Walnuts - Pecan nuts - Groundnuts - Prunes - Pumpkin seeds

We support French farmers to sell their production of dried fruits 
directly to passionate craftsmen 

Our network of farmers

Launched in June 2021, Vergers du Sud-Ouest is a commercial network of French producers of dried fruit and seeds. Located in south-west France, the network currently includes 6 innovative farms. Passionate about their work, our farmers produce a variety of high-quality dried fruits: hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, prunes, peanuts and pumpkin seeds.

Selected for their exceptional flavour, our dried fruit is processed just-in-time to ensure unrivalled freshness and quality. Our ultra-short supply chain means that not only are we able to pay everyone fairly for their work, but above all we are able to meet the farmers directly in their fields.

Finally, our farmers are also committed to preserving the environment. Our orchards are all managed in a sustainable way, and some are already certified Organic. There's no shortage of initiatives to preserve the soil and biodiversity: sheep in the orchards, French bees, alfalfa in the inter-rows, forage hedges, etc.

The unique flavour of French hazelnuts

In south-west France, our hazelnuts rival the famous Piedmont hazelnuts. Grown with care, they stand out for their unique flavour and exceptional quality.

The rich soil of the South-West and its temperate climate provide ideal conditions for producing hazelnuts of rare finesse. Depending on the variety you choose, you'll discover a crunchy texture, a delicately sweet flavour and a pronounced hazelnut aroma.
Finally, only a handful of French growers are currently managing their orchards organically.

In fact, pests (such as the hazelnut bug and the balanin) make organic farming very tricky. Our farmers are therefore redoubling their patience and using innovative cultivation techniques to (try to) balance the ecosystem within our orchards. Find out more here!

The quality of our Prunes from Agen

The prunes from Agen are renowned for their superior quality and delicious flavor. Among the various types of prunes, the certified IGP Pruneaux d'Agen semi-dried prunes stand out for their melt-in-your-mouth texture and delightfully sweet taste.

The IGP Pruneaux d'Agen certification guarantees the origin and quality of prunes that are grown and processed in the Lot-et-Garonne region in France. The semi-dried prunes are the result of 16 hours of drying in ovens at 70°C, until they reach 35% humidity in the fruit. Compared to rehydrated prunes, semi-dried prunes offer a vastly superior taste experience. Their soft and tender texture, combined with natural caramelization, is a delicacy that will pleasantly surprise you.

Finally, the ancestral know-how of prune producers lies in the management of plum orchards and the selection of the best plums during harvest. Like chefs in the kitchen, our farmers each have their own secrets to obtain an exceptional semi-dried prune.

What our customers say

" Your hazelnuts are delicious!
It was the Pauetet that was unanimously approved by our team. Your Franquette walnut is also exceptional and the pecans, a real curiosity."

"Thank's again for the samples that you provided us. I realy loved the pecans and the organic hazelnuts. 
As a french chocolatier I aim to buy all my ingredients next door."

"I think your project is simply brilliant!
In addition to being charming, your producers have very beautiful products. I finally found the real taste of hazelnuts."

"I didn't know Almonds were grown in the South West of France,
To be honest with you, my customers find them small, but once in the mouth they find them excellent."