The start of the adventure

It all started with

a first meeting

It was during an internship on a farm in the Lot-et-Tolzac region that my boss-farmer jokingly asked me: "What if you were in charge of selling our production?

This question, actually translated a need to establish a new marketing circuit, closer to the values of the producer and eliminating intermediaries.

With my ten years of experience in the trade, this little seed germinated in the following months. A commercial network of French dried fruits directly from the producers, called "Vergers du Sud-Ouest", was born. The first member was conquered and the network was ready to grow.

Searching for

I decided to criss-cross the South-West of France with my truck to meet passionate arborists looking to join the network. Two chairs and a folding table; that's all I needed to get to work :-)

The network is looking for partners who care about their trees (for the record, one orchard obtained the Organic Agriculture designation after four years of conversion). From next year, all our partners will be certified AB).

After a few months already, the network counts its first 4 members ensuring a varied palette of dried fruits with an unbeatable taste.

What makes the success

of our producers' network

Joining the Vergers du Sud-Ouest network has many advantages for the producer:

> His harvest is correctly valued
> He is put in direct contact with passionate craftsmen and builds long-lasting commercial relationships
> He benefits from a professional administrative and logistic support at a minimal cost

In short, Les vergers du Sud-Ouest simplifies the marketing for the producer but also for the craftsmen.

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