What makes our nuts shine

If I had to name three values that animate the "Vergers du Sud-Ouest" network today, I would definately chose the following ones:


Les vergers du Sud-Ouest is a network who brings two groups of people together that are passionate about their work. On the one hand, we have farmers who are in their orchards in all weathers to produce beautiful nuts. On the other hand we have artisanal chocolatiers/pastry chefs who are passionate about the taste that these little wonders give to their creations.


We are basically a no nonsense business. If things are complicated, we simplify them. When a problem arises, we put sustainable solutions in place. Sharing this value allows us to move forward together and build a network of committed actors.


Our orchards are managed in an organic or sustainable way. This is a form of respect for the nature and its ecosystems. Furthermore, it makes our dried fruits tastier and even more exceptional. Finally, the relationships that we build, thanks to our short circuit between professionals, gives rise to beautiful exchanges and sometimes even to new friendships.