Each variety has its own specificity

Below you will find all the information you need to choose the variety of nuts that suits your needs!

Hazelnut varieties

We distinguish 2 categories of French hazelnuts, the large calibres (called table hazelnuts) and the small calibres (ideal for snackng). The smaller hazelnuts are generally more perfumed and are therefore the favourite of our craftsmen. Table hazelnuts are more imposing and are often used in preparations or simply to garnish delicious dishes.

Large sizes:
- Corabel: white, firm, sweet and have a very perfumed flesh
- Ennis: firm flesh with a medium flavour
- Fertile de Coutard: ivory-coloured, firm and perfumed flesh

Small sizes:
- Pauetet: a compact, ivory white flesh with a very pronounced hazelnut taste
- Segorbe: a consistent flesh, aromatic and not very sweet

Walnuts varieties

The "Vergers du Sud-Ouest" has three different varieties of walnuts:

Large sizes:

- Lara: A variety from the Gironde region. This beautiful rounded nut has no bitterness and is tasty. It's ideal to eat fresh or to nibble.
- Fernor: Is also a large-sized walnut. The Fernor is the result of a crossing between the Lara and the Franquette. The kernels have a white colour and are well-flavoured with a hazelnut taste. The ideal nut for your creations and desserts.

Small size:
- Franquette: Longer and smaller than the others, this walnut with a blond and fleshy kernel surprises with its hazelnut taste. Very crunchy and aromatic, it is the most popular table nut today.

Almond varieties

We have French and Spanish varieties within "Vergers du Sud-Ouest":

French varieties:
- Ferragnès: Slightly spiky and larger than the other varieties, its tender, sweet kernel delivers a slight nuance of cocoa and pepper. It is highly sought after for chocolate coating, nougat or for biscuit making.
- Lauranne: Smaller sized almond. Soft and crunchy, with a little bit of harshness, it is the perfect aliate for pastry and pralines.

Spanish varieties:
- Guara: Rounder and lighter brown than the others, the GUARA is best eaten grilled or fried.
- Bellona: A recent variety, developed from the Spanish star almond (Marcona). The Belona is slightly domed and has a soft texture and sweet taste. Its high oil content makes it ideal for baking.
- Soleta: Tasty, this variety is larger in size. The skin of the kernel is easily removed. Known as a variety you can eat fresh, it is the perfect partner for making almond milk.

Pecan nuts varieties

We have the pleasure and exclusivity to offer you the first French Pecan nut harvest!

It is important to know that the pecan tree matures after 7-10 years. It will therefore be necessary to wait before having an abundant harvest. Nevertheless, almost 200 kilos were harvested in 2020. In other words, first come, first served ;-).

The pecan is wrapped in a smooth, elongated shell. Its sweet and tender taste is somewhere between a walnut and an almond, which makes it very versatile in cooking. The two varieties we offer are very similar except that the Western is slightly crunchier than the Pawnee.